Clear band for binding tape

Clear elastic tape is generally made from TPU. Because TPU material is eco-friendly, stink-proof and recyclable, which does no harm to people’s health. In many people’s impression, clear elastic tape is widely used for invisible bra straps. Some people may also ever see invisible shoe band. But clear elastic tape has more application that we don’t see much in daily life. One is transparent elastic band for binding tape.


That in the photo below is a special bottle for tea leaf. The bottle includes two parts: the pedestal and the transparent jar. In order to keep the coordinating and beauty of the jar, our customer consider to choose transparent band as binding tape. Then the pedestal won’t be easy to separate from jar.


clear binding tape clear binding tape

Besides, we found that some not book choose clear elastic band tape to tie the book. Of course, the band tape is not only to tie the note book making it closed but also a type of bookmark. Moreover, the clear band add the fashion element for the notebook if it has good ideas on covers.


clear band for bookmark

There are must other application of TPU clear elastic tape. Once we find them, we’ll share on website.


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