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As a top TPU tape manufacturer in China, Yunze (hdtape)  developed several types of TPU tape to meet customers' different needs. B Series, D Series and S Series are all semi-transparent TPU elastic tape, which has frosty look. But they have different performance.


B Series is made from Taiwan TPU raw material. It is usually recommended for customers who work for middle and low-end apparel brands. D Series is made from Germany material, which is usually recommended for customers who work for middle and high-end brands. It has better elasticity and anti-aging performance than B Series. S Series is the best of them. It is made from Japan raw material. S Series has super good elasticity and has resilience in 1:3. As S Series is similar to real mobilon tape, we usually recommend S Series TPU tape for high-end apparel brands. Here we have videos to show the difference among B, D, S Series mobilon tape more directly.


K Series is colored type of TPU tape. We have professional chemists to provide customized color that matches customers' request.


E Series is embossed type of tape. There are two kind of embossed pattern: strip and grid. Within strip embossed pattern, TPU tape will not be easy to break when it is sewed on clothes. If customers use special stitch, we may recommend this type of strip embossed TPU tape. In another hand, grid embossed TPU tape has better resilience than other types of TPU tape.


T.M Series is clear transparent TPU tape. It is generally used for bra straps, hanging loops, shoes straps or binding strap for gifts.

Yunze has been producing TPU elastic tape for over 16 years. The serious attitude and rich experience make Yunze produce TPU tape that pass Oeko-tex Standard 100 Appendix 6. We have confidence to provide customers high quality TPU tape.


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