3D print TPU vest

In September, 2016, Japanese IT fashion tech company unveiled a prototype of TPU vest, which was made by 3D printer. 


Actually, it’s not a vest combined with 3D printed TPU thread, but knitted by 3D printer directly with pre-existing TPU cord.

The engineer spent long time to write programs and set 3D printer. Finally, they got the first TPU knitting vest., which marked a new step on garment industrial.

tpu vest tpu woven vest

Why choose TPU as the material of knitting vest?

1. Wear-proof

Compared with traditional woolen yarn, TPU thread is wear-proof and not easy to break.

2. Elastic

TPU cord has elasticity and don’t need to add any other auxiliary.

3. Good resilience

TPU cord has good resilience to prevent the clothes out of shape.

4. Eco-friendly

TPU is an eco-friendly and stink-proof material. It will not does harm to people’ health, so we can see TPU elastic tape is widely used for shaping in clothes.

5. Lightweight

Different types of TPU has different weight and hardness. As the material for clothes, that kind of TPU is lightweight.


That TPU cord as material of clothes is a new attempt. Even though 3D technology and application of TPU textile material are not as mature as traditional garment technics, they will be true and even replace traditional garment technics.


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