TPU mask ear loops

In the past, mask is usually used in specific situation such as hazy day, dust-free plant or hospital. However, since Covid-2019 spread in 2019 all over the world, medical mask becomes a kind of daily necessities. Generally, medical mask ear loops are braided elastic cords. But mask manufacturers actually have more choices about materials. For example, surgical mask and N95 mask have different mask material. The ear loops can be braided elastic cords or TPU tapes.


mask with clear TPU ear loops mask with yellow TPU ear loops

No matter braided elastic cord or TPU tape has its own advantages or shortages. Here we list some feature about TPU tape for mask.


1. Relies on the original feature of TPU material, TPU tape is eco-friendly and recyclable. It can be recycled, melted and reproduced into new products. Even it doesn’t have reprocessing value anymore, soil and water can decompose TPU in 2 years.

2. Compared with PVC or some plastic, TPU tape has no smell and does no harm to people’s health.

3. The color can be customized. General colors are blue, yellow and semi-transparent.

4. Suitable for ES-based, PET-based, PBT-based mask.(PP-based non-woven fabric is not match).


Up to now, mask is still necessary in our daily life. However, We believe that human will conquer the virus. Finally, a wish: the war between human and Covid-2019 ends as soon as possible.


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