Why Yunze choose BASF TPU material for TPU elastic tape?

In manufacturing, especially in the apparel industry, selecting the right materials is crucial. For elastic tape production, the chosen of TPU raw material plays an important role in the quality of TPU tape. So Yunze Garment Accessories attaches importance to choosing TPU materials. Now BASF TPU material is one of the main choices for Yunze TPU tape production. Why?


1. Excellent physical properties


One of the main reasons for choosing BASF's TPU raw materials is their superior physical properties. Physical properties refer to how a material performs under different environmental and stress conditions. Firstly, it owns high elasticity. Elasticity is the core performance of TPU elastic tapes. BASF's TPU raw materials exhibit excellent elasticity, allowing the elastic tape to quickly return to its original shape after stretching. This is crucial for the comfort and aesthetics of clothing. Secondly, it owns high toughness. Toughness refers to a material's ability to resist breaking under stress. BASF's TPU raw materials are highly tough, capable of withstanding significant deformation without breaking, ensuring the durability of the elastic tape during long-term use.


2. Superior hydrolysis resistance


TPU materials tend to undergo hydrolysis in humid environments, leading to performance degradation. However, BASF's TPU raw materials are specially formulated and treated to have superior hydrolysis resistance. Enhanced hydrolysis resistance means that TPU elastic tapes can maintain their original elasticity and strength even in humid conditions, such as in swimwear and sportswear.


3. Excellent fatigue resistance


Fatigue resistance is a material's ability to maintain stable performance under repeated stress. BASF's TPU raw materials have excellent fatigue resistance, enabling them to retain elasticity and strength over prolonged use. This is particularly important for elastic tape applications that require frequent stretching and relaxation, such as waist tapes, sportswear, and underwear.


4. Environmental friendliness and safety


With increasing environmental awareness, the environmental friendliness and safety of materials have become important factors for manufacturers. BASF's TPU raw materials comply with various international environmental standards, such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This means that elastic tapes made from BASF's TPU raw materials are non-toxic and harmless, with no adverse effects on the environment or human health, meeting modern consumers' demands for health and environmental protection.


Choosing BASF for producing TPU elastic tapes is based on their superior physical properties, excellent hydrolysis and fatigue resistance, environmental friendliness and safety. Based on high quality TPU raw material, Yunze offers high quality TPU tape for garment manufacturers. Therefore, Yunze is now cooperating with many famous clothes brands.


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