How to use hanger loops in clothes?

Two pieces of tape in shoulder of clothes is common. It can be in any color and any material. The most common color is white or black, while the most popular material is rayon. But some clothes designers ask for invisible tape in clothes. So sometimes we can see two pieces of tape in clothes that made from TPU elastic tape. Generally, we called these two tape as hanger loops. Let me ask a question, how do you think the function of hanger loop in clothes?

clothes with tpu clear hanger loops

Answer A:

This is a decoration. The imagination and creativity of human can't be measured. We will never know what kind of new ideas people will have or how the ideas come. So we don't feel it crazy to regard hanger loops as a decoration. How about to tie a bow? It’s fashion, isn’t it?

hanger loops as decoration

Answer B:

The hanger loop is a good tool to fix the bra strap. Then bra strap would be not easy to slide down. After all, the slided bra strap makes ladies uncomfortable and trouble.

Answer C:

That’s not useful. Sometimes hanger loop even run out to make me embarrassed. So I always cut it down. Actually, I don't know why the clothes designers add these two tiresome tape in clothes.

Actually, a large number of hanger loops are made from TPU elastic tape, some are even has printed logo. Hanger loop has its special function that can help you much. Just as its name implies, hanger loop is used to hang your clothes. Many clothes, especially women’s clothes own special design, which is difficult to hang it on. Some clothes will be easy to slide down and some skirts will get out of shape after hanging by hangers. Especially the waist part. With the hanger loops, you don’t need to worry about these two problems.

In addition, if you hang your one-step skirt in folding shape, you would find your skirt be plicated. But when you hang the skirt with hanger loop, the problem can be solved.

hang clothes with hanger loops


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