Size of TPU tape

TPU elastic tapes are highly valued in various industries for their exceptional properties. They are commonly used in clothing, sports equipment, medical supplies, and many other applications. Understanding the different sizes and features of TPU clear elastic tape is essential for selecting the right type for specific needs.


tpu clear elastic tape

The width of TPU elastic tapes significantly influences their usage and functionality. Here are some common width specifications: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Each width specification serves different applications:


1. 3mm and 4mm: These narrow tapes are typically used for light apparel accessories such as lingerie, swimwear, masks, and fine waist tapes. They offer sufficient elasticity and support while remaining discreet and invisible.

2. 5mm and 6mm: Medium-width tapes are suitable for larger apparel accessories like sportswear, leggings, and other garments requiring moderate support. These sizes provide good elasticity and can handle a fair amount of tension.

3. 8mm and 10mm: Wider tapes are used where stronger support is needed, such as in waist tapes, yoga wear, work pants, etc. These widths offer greater support and stability, making them suitable for heavier fabrics and applications requiring higher tensile strength.


The thickness of TPU elastic tapes also affects their elasticity and durability. Here are some common thickness specifications: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.16mm, 0.2mm. Each thickness specification has its particular applications:


1. 0.1mm and 0.12mm: These thinner tapes are often used in applications requiring high elasticity and softness, such as lingerie, swimwear, and lightweight clothing accessories. They provide a soft feel and adapt well to body contours.

2. 0.15mm and 0.16mm: Medium-thickness tapes are ideal for various everyday clothing and sportswear. They offer a good balance of elasticity and durability, suitable for frequent use.

3. 0.2mm: Thicker tapes are typically used in high-strength and durable applications, such as work pants, sports equipment, and medical supplies. These tapes provide higher wear resistance and tensile strength, suitable for environments requiring frequent stretching and high-intensity use.


The width and thickness of TPU clear elastic tapes directly impact their elasticity and toughness. Generally, thinner and narrower TPU elastic tapes have greater elasticity, making them suitable for applications requiring high stretchability. These tapes can endure significant stretching and quickly return to their original shape. Wider and thicker TPU tapes usually offer higher toughness, making them suitable for applications requiring high tensile strength and durability. These tapes can withstand greater tension without breaking or deforming.


The various width and thickness specifications of TPU tapes cater to different application needs. Understanding these specifications and their effects on elasticity and toughness is essential for selecting the right TPU elastic tape. By choosing the appropriate size based on specific application requirements, the TPU elastic tape can perform optimally, providing the necessary support and elasticity.


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