TPU invisible boat socks tape

Socks are familiar to all of us. We wear socks not only in falls or winter, but also in summer. In the hot days in summer, gentlemen choose thinner socks while ladies choose invisible socks. Different styles of socks can be matched with different shoes. How about high heels? Many people think that there are two reasons why high heels do not need to wear socks.

1. Wearing socks is not easy to match, and the socks will be exposed.

2. Wearing socks is easy to fall off, which will cause discomfort.

tpu tape invisible socks

However, wearing socks will be better for both of our feet and shoes. The sweaty summer brings us sweaty feet. When shoes sucked in sweat for a long time, bacteria will multiply rapidly with unimaginable speed. Therefore, if we can find a pair of suitable socks, wearing high heels with socks will be more comfortable. To solve the problem and meet the demand of ladies, invisible socks are developed. Invisible boat socks are different from ordinary socks. Invisible socks are connected by TPU elastic tape, which have four functions:

1. TPU elastic tape can play the role of adjusting elasticity. Because TPU tape is thin enough, so it won't be too tight to make feet uncomfortable.

2. TPU elastic tape is more flexible to match the feet in any size and any foot type. So the socks won't be easy to fall of.

3. Within the clear elastic tape, the socks are invisble to avoid embarrassment that socks expose to publics.

4. The elastic band is made of TPU, which is comfortable to touch. TPU tape is thin and soft. Refers to the TPU raw material, the clear tape is eco-friendly, stink-proof and skin-friendly. High quality TPU tape will pass Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificate. TPU tape from Yunze even pass Oekotex 100 Annex 6, which can be used for baby clothes. So ladies don't need to worry about the safety.


If you are still worried that you can't find a suitable sock to wear with high heels, then try the invisible boat socks made from TPU elastic tape!


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