TPU elastic tape apply to shower cap

When you taking a shower, did you get used to using a shower cap? Bath caps are used to cover hair and ears in order to keep hair dry or to keep ears dry.

There are two kinds of shower caps. One is made from cloth fabric and the other is made from plastic.

Cloth fabric is mostly used for hair-drying cap. It owns good absorbing ability, but it’s not easy clean and easy to release peculiar smell. On contrast, the bath cap of plastic material is the way that passes air dry, which is also easy to clean, easy receive and easy to carry.

cloth fabric bath cap  plastic bath cap

Generally, the elastic tape for shrinking in bath cap is made of rubber or TPU. TPU elastic tape will be much thinner, soft and won't be too tight to make heads uncomfortable. But rubber tape owns better resilience and tighter than TPU tape. If you need stronger tape, rubber tape is one choice. However, one important difference between TPU tape and rubber tape is its performance of safety. TPU is a kind of eco-friendly plastic material, which can be recycled and melted again to produced into a new product. Good quality TPU tape is stink-proof, clear and anti-aging, which does no harm to health. But rubber tape usually have powder on surface. Acctually, rubber is sticky. The powder helps rubber tape much easier to produced and processed. The powder contains various of additive, which will lead to allergy. Besides, the smell of rubber tape is not good. It can even make someone sick.

tpu elastic tape rubber tape

The elastic contraction of the rim of the shower cap is moderate tightness and shrink freely to bring you the great experience of wear. So no matter what the size is, the elastic tape can help the cap adjust the tightness arbitrarily, which is also a great advantage!

Besides for bath cap, a plastic cap can also be used for shoe cover with its dustproof function. 


Ps. The application pictures in this article is from internet.


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